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Mission Statement: What do we stand for? 

We cure disconnection in the world by bringing out the best communicators in each other.

Vision: How will you succeed?

YOU will master speaking with presence, influence, and connection.


Values: How do we behave? 

Speaking G.I.F.T.™ is a choice: Gain, Impress, Forget, & Tell or Give, Influence, Follow-through, & Transform. You decide.


Services: How do we help YOU? 

1) Keynote Speeches from our professional speakers help you speak and influence your organization on your behalf.
2) Executive Training helps you speak and influence people on your own.
3) Training Workshops help your organization speak and influence each other.


YOU and Paul Wong can work together to bring out the best in people. For you—he is the Founder & Communications Trainer of Speaking G.I.F.T.™ , a company which helps organizations communicate better with each other. Corporate clients master speaking with presence, influence and connection, including: Bloomstar, Sonic Enclosures, Pebble Studio, Kennen Construction, and 2LevaMedia. Paul has taught as a High School English Teacher, consulted as a Real Estate Advisor, and was cast as a TV Show Personality. In 2016, you can find Paul emceeing his 20th wedding in Hawaii while “marrying” the bride and groom, and watch him in Season 1 of the Vancouver docu-reality show “House My Style” on OMNI Canadian Television. Paul is the closing Keynote Speaker for 120 Vancouver delegates at the Simon Fraser University Pathways Conference 2016 at the Beedie School of Business with his speech “Take a Chance.”






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